Shyladawn's Bichon Frise

About Us

Rick and Shyla Newton

Members of the Bichon Frise Club of America

Members of the Bichon Frise Club of Canada

Members of Bichon Frise Club of Pudget Sound

My husband Rick, after 38 years of teaching, is retired. He now enjoys working on our 20 acres and spending more time with our Bichons.

After working 25 years in the medical field, I chose to do something different. I am now the Wine Club Administrator at Maryhill Winery. I have fun planning parties and trips for the members, especially since it is dog friendly so my beloved Bichons can join me.

Both Rick and I had spent the majority of our lives in California but decided we wanted space for our Bichons to run, bark, and play. Living in town with our growing family of Bichons was no longer possible. Moving to the country, not far from a small town in Washington near the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, was the realization of our dream. We bought 20 acres that is a little out of the way but certainly worth the effort. The Bichons LOVE it!

Both Rick and I both enjoy the Sport of Purebred Dogs. Others in the show community respect our breeding program which validates our decision to relocate and devote energy to these spectacular Bichons. We are proud of our Bichons and have a great time showing them while having fun with friends that do the same. Having FUN with the dogs is the most important thing to us. All of our dogs are owner handled. We never send our dogs off to be shown. Being part of our dogs' show life is what it is about for us, not just winning.

We have a proven showmanship record, bringing not only our own Bichons to champion status; we achieve the same for other owners' dogs. Lots of spectaculor wins at prestigious shows, but in these pages you will only see what we are currently doing. No need to bore you with “old” news, although we would love to send you any pictures or information that you request. We are justifiably proud of our past and look forward to our future.